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Phishing Is No Longer a Recreational Activity

Several years ago, we warned our clients to beware of emails claiming to be from the IRS, because the IRS does NOT communicate with taxpayers via email.  Emails with the IRS logo do not make them legitimate.

The scams are still going on.  If you get an email that appears to be from the IRS and it has a link for you to click, chances are that it contains a virus or worse … they want your bank account information. The real IRS wants to know if you suspect a fraudulent communication, so forward suspicious emails to Phishing@IRS.Gov

Don’t Let Them Reach Out and Touch You

Not content with sending fraudulent emails, scammers continue to call taxpayers, pretending to be from the Collection Division of the IRS and demanding a payment of thousands of dollars or risk having the taxpayer arrested.

The IRS does not make telephone calls to initially inform you of any unpaid tax liabilities; they will send you a notice.

Scammers use what is known as a “ghost” telephone number, whereby a “local” telephone number is displayed on your telephone display that isn’t real.

Typical of actions by the scammers is to threaten arrest if a payment isn’t made. Additionally, if you tell them that you would like your Enrolled Agent to handle the matter, they will tell you that they cannot or will not talk with a “third party”.  This is the proof that the caller is not from the IRS, because when you tell a real IRS agent or officer that you want your Enrolled Agent to represent you, they must stop the interview.

If you have any doubts or questions, hang up the phone and call or email us.