Phishing Is No Longer a Recreational Activity

Several years ago, we warned our clients to beware of emails claiming to be from the IRS, because the IRS does NOT communicate with taxpayers via email.  Emails with the IRS logo do not make them legitimate. The scams are still going on.  If you get an email that appears to be from the IRS […]

Don’t Let Them Reach Out and Touch You

Not content with sending fraudulent emails, scammers are now calling taxpayers, pretending to be from the Collection Division of the IRS and demanding a payment of thousands of dollars or risk having the taxpayer arrested. The IRS does not make telephone calls to initially inform you of any unpaid tax liabilites; they will send you […]

IRS’s Official Auto Mileage Rates for 2016

Aware that higher gas prices have had a major impact on both businesses and consumers, the IRS has changed the auto mileage rates.  Effective January 1, 2016, the auto rates are: Business – $0.54 Medical and moving – $0.19 Charitable – $0.14